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Strict adherence to any ideology makes you a docile zombie

By Kris Zyclo

It’s quite obvious that the elites are using the divide and conquer strategy to remain in power. If you’re not aware of this, you’re either lower than average in intelligence or in denial. They want you to focus on the negative aspects of your supposed political enemy while ignoring the negative aspects of your own political affiliation. You don’t have to look very far to see evidence of this. We have liberal and conservative media outlets who both claim they’re telling you the truth. However, both are conveniently owned by massive corporations who are in bed with politicians. If you look back on the original political theories that have shaped our world, you don’t see any of the current culture war nonsense. I don’t recall Marx ever talking about pronouns nor do I see Burke talk about Q Anon. This is why I think a lot of the issues are strategically assigned to you on purpose. The system is designed is to build comradery among certain demographics of people who are controlled by a minority of elites who in return oppose another group people who are controlled by an opposing set of elites. Who wins in the end? The elites! Those with the most money and power can basically do whatever they want, while everyone else gets to fight over table scraps.

Most people have never thoroughly done research on every issue that supposedly fits their political leaning. Usually, they have one or two issues that they’re passionate about while they just say they agree with all the others to fit in with their tribe. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been guilty of this myself but I’m working on it. In my experience, I’ve also noticed that a lot of people seem to inherit their political views so if their parents are Republicans then they become Republicans and vice versa for Democrats. And your parents got their views from their parents and so on. I had a fairly unstable childhood so I learned from a variety of people. As traumatic as it was, it gave me an advantage because I never had two parents who instilled their values in me. I think it’s fair to say, I had a little more wiggle room so I got to decide for myself as to what I believe.

Here in the United States our two major political parties are both full of shit! They are basically chameleons! They adapt to the current social climate while simultaneously maintaining a power structure that benefits the so-called elites. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden were all against gay marriage until recently. Weird, right? They just magically changed their minds once it became legal. As for the Republicans, they used to whine about South Park style comedy for being vulgar and now they defend it as free speech. Why am I bringing up mainstream politicians? It’s because they influence our lives even if you agree with them or not. The media, the rich, and the government are all the same thing. Even if you don’t follow mainstream media, its stories trickle down to smaller places like podcasts and social media. Your average person doesn’t question this kind of stuff. If they see their friend post a meme about how this or that is racist then they just go along with it without doing any research as to where it came from. This is clearly what happened when CRT became the talk of the town. Overnight, I saw all my liberal friends become in experts in it. Instead, I thought, “Well, what is it?” Both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of this.

Personally, I have mostly agreed with the left in my life but lately I’ve questioned that do to how absurd they’ve become. Even the far-left who supposedly hate the mainstream media and the democrats get their talking points from CNN and MSNBC. An example is the attacks on Donald Trump. I don’t like the guy whatsoever and I think he’s an asshole but a lot of the things said about him are not true. He never said, “Mexicans are rapists.” He said, “They’re sending rapists over here.” That’s it! Nothing about Mexicans as a race being rapists. Another example is the trans kids issue. I can guarantee 10 years ago almost everyone on the left would agree with me that it’s child abuse and it’s extremely disturbing to allow minors to undergo life changing surgeries or to take drugs that are used to castrate sex offenders.

I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t be a pro-choice conservative or a pro-gun liberal. I think politics should be viewed as more of a buffet. You should be able to pick from a variety of sources and not be concerned if they’re left or right-wing. Human beings are complicated and to say that we all fit nicely into one mold is ludicrous. It’s just not how people work! So, to sum up my points, what’s in vogue for any particular ideology is constantly changing and most likely you’ve inherited a value system from your parents. Add these to the fact that the world’s elites truly don’t care about you or your views. Ultimately, we as individuals have been molded by external sources which turns us into docile zombies. My advice is to question everything! That includes left-wing and right-wing views. Read all political theories, even ones that you don’t agree with. Study both sides of all the issues and examine a variety of news sources. Also, remember that just because your parents told you something as a child doesn’t make it true. So, the next time your pal Larry from Pensacola posts a meme about how Choco Tacos are racist, question it before you click like.





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