The Tucker-Bobby Insurgencies

Why Carlson should join Kennedy and run.

Apr 28, 2023
(Getty photos by Janos Kummer and Joseph Prezioso)

The Biden campaign is now officially on, and it has a slogan: “Finish The Job.” No, I’m not making that up. The exhilaration everyone feels is only intensified by the off-the-record briefing that the president is aiming to improve the image of his staggeringly awful veep, Kamala Harris. In the same week that Biden read scripted answers to scripted questions at a presser — he’s given fewer than any president since Reagan — David Frum couldn’t stop himself from predicting the “coming Biden blowout.” Tribal left-media, from The Nation to The Bulwark, are in the middle of a campaign to take out any possible rivals to Trump so a Democratic landslide is guaranteed. What a week!

And yet 70 percent of Americans — and a slight majority of Democrats — remain remarkably unmoved. They don’t want Biden to run again. That’s even more than the 60 percent who don’t want Trump to run again. And the news this week was dominated not by the president’s bid for re-election, as one might expect, but by a cable host’s sudden dismissal from Fox News. And you can understand why. The thought of a Trump-Biden rematch is soul-deadening and mind-numbing to me and countless others — which is why 38 percent of the country describe themselves as feeling “exhausted” by the prospect. Ask yourself this: if you woke up tomorrow to discover that neither man was going to run next year, how would you feel?



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