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Tucker Carlson’s exit, private equity and your pets, Trump in NYC court, and more

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April 28, 2023
“Nothing in my professional life has frustrated my ability to work as much as having my words attacked by Tucker Carlson,” our justice correspondent Elie Mystal writes.

“Now Carlson’s show is gone,” but it’s “entirely possible that the person the network finds to replace Carlson will end up being even worse than Carlson.” For now though, Mystal says, his life and that of other respectable journalists is just a little bit easier. Here’s to hoping it stays that way.

What I’ll Remember Most About Tucker Carlson? His Ability to Unleash the Haters.
Like so many others, I still bear the psychic scars of Carlson’s drive to stir up his base. But that drive had nothing to do with why Fox fired him.
Elie Mystal
Private Equity Is Killing Your Pets
Private equity firms have gobbled veterinary companies around the country—and the results have been disastrous.
Brendan Ballou
Is Donald Trump’s Luck About to Run Out in a Manhattan Court?
While Fani Willis deliberates and Jack Smith investigates, E. Jean Carroll finally gets her day in court.
Francis Wilkinson
What’s Life Like for the Child of a Psychoanalyst?
Alice Wexler’s The Analyst explores the complicated life of her father, Milton Wexler, whose work courted controversy in the public and within in his family
Alana Pockros
Israel Is Throwing a 75th Birthday Party. Palestinians Have Little to Celebrate.
While Israelis hail the 75th anniversary of their country’s founding, Palestinians are preparing to mark 75 years of brutal oppression.
Rashid Khalidi
Anatol Lieven Reports From Ukraine, Plus Amy Wilentz on Haiti
On this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, life during wartime in Kyiv and fighting gangs in Port-Au-Prince.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Tucker, Twitter, and Taibbi
On this episode of The Time of Monsters with Jeet Heer, Ryan Cooper discusses the reactionary media and its allies.
Jeet Heer
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