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What is keeping Japan from sending weapons to Ukraine?

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What is keeping Japan from sending weapons to Ukraine?
The ruling coalition has agreed to hold talks on the matter, but barriers range from public opposition to disagreements between the LDP and Komeito.
Japan proposed Kishida-Xi phone talks at foreign ministerial meeting in early April
Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi made the proposal during his meeting with his Chinese counterpart on April 2.
Sapporo looks to change Winter Games bid to 2034 amid opposition
The Japanese Olympic Committee has said that it will be difficult to proceed with the 2030 bid due to public sentiment.
South Korea says leaked U.S. document fake as spy allegations roil alliance
The presidential office in Seoul said that a “significant portion” of the information in leaked classified Pentagon documents detailing apparent U.S. spying on Seoul is …
Kishida to visit Africa ahead of G7 summit in Hiroshima
Kishida has expressed his willingness to strengthen ties with the “Global South,” a term that collectively refers to developing nations south of the equator.
Japan’s crown prince and princess to attend British king’s coronation
The trip from May 4 to 7 to Britain will be the couple’s first official visit to the country and first time attending a foreign …

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Europe’s China confusion does the world a disservice
European incoherence on China policy is worrying for the world and for Japan.
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In striving for lyrical maturity and leaving behind its quirky energy, Babymetal’s fourth full-length is well crafted but lacks anything that makes the heavy metal …
Young Japanese men’s curling team aims for Olympic medal in 2026
The team of four college students grew up together in the small northern Japan town of Kitami, Hokkaido, a curling hotspot.
What does it take to make a long-term relationship great in Japan?
The advice from most people on long-term cross-cultural relationships? You sometimes need to think more with your head than your heart.

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