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The future of business-class travel

April 11, 2023
Hello, Insiders. It’s Shona Ghosh, Insider’s UK deputy executive editor. For the past week, I’ve been trying out a productivity hack called the “scary hour.” The idea is to define the most daunting task on your plate and carve out an hour to just do it.

I’ve used it to help overcome paralysis around tough work tasks, wedding planning, and financial admin. If you have any effective tips for getting over to-do list terror, I’d love to hear them at

Here’s what we’re covering today:

— Shona Ghosh


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‘Doomsday Mommy,’ Musk, & more

  • Elon Musk appears to be moving forward with a new generative-AI project at Twitter, following the purchase of thousands of GPUs. Read more
  • Gasps broke out in the courtroom where the “Doomsday Mommy,” Lori Vallow, is being tried as prosecutors showed images of childrens’ remains. More here.
  • An incredibly rare bullish stock-market indicator just flashed for the first time since 2019. Here’s what’s going on.
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Homes aren’t getting cheaper

Joe Raedle/Getty Images


Sorry, homebuyers. Houses are still expensive, and will likely stay that way for a while.

Home prices in the US just posted their first annual decline in more than a decade — and some bearish pundits and real-estate investors are taking it as a sign of more dire drops to come, predicting a bubble burst or even a crash.

But in a roundtable discussion with Insider reporters, Zillow’s chief economist, Skylar Olsen, said that you shouldn’t expect home prices to drop much further in most areas. She said it boils down to a lack of inventory: The number of homes for sale is still too low.

“I really don’t know where the inventory comes from to help prices come down,” she said.


Future of travel, habits, & more

Arif Qazi / Insider


  • “I got addicted to an app that helped me turn my most ambitious goals into daily routines.” Shubham Agarwal tried habit-tracking apps like Everyday, which sends a reminder to do the habit you’re trying to form at the same time every day. He found the apps helped him build routines, but came with a downside. Read about his experience.
  • The future of business-class airline travel is here. Crystal Cabin Awards, which highlights innovative interior aircraft designs, announced its 2023 shortlist of winners — including a minibar, a library, and a lay-flat bed in narrow-body airplanes. Learn about the designs.
  • The next threat to Airbnb: Superhosts leaving the platform. New data suggests the top 1% of short-term-rental hosts control 23% of all active listings — and some are looking to strike out on their own. More here.
  • Wall Street firms have a secret weapon for hiring decisions. Geoff Smart has the power to make or break careers at Citadel, Blackstone, and other financial giants. What his five-hour psychological interview is like.
  • Hemline lengths and men’s underwear sales may be clues we’re headed for a recession. Economists have tracked all sorts of buying behavior over the years that indicates the health of the economy. More bizarre measures that might determine the economy’s direction.
  • The main reasons people don’t think they should tip more. According to a viral New York Times story, food-delivery drivers are struggling to make ends meet — and some drivers said weak tips are the cause. However, many readers said they already tip enough. They explained why.
  • Amazon may have rushed its return-to-office mandate. Amazon previously said it wanted employees back in the office from May, but some offices won’t be ready for returning staff until September, according to a leaked memo. More here.

Garage luxury

Rebecca Möller
These junk-filled garages were transformed into luxury apartments for $150,000 in just a few weeks. Check it out.

Police brief

How police reacted to the bank shooting in Louisville, Kentucky. A shooter opened fire at a bank in Kentucky’s largest city, killing at least 5 people, including a police officer. Here’s what the police said in a press conference afterward.

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