Weathering the storm: How Japan is factoring climate change into defense policy

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Weathering the storm: How Japan is factoring climate change into defense policy
Until recently, there was only limited interest in climate security within Japan’s defense circles, but that has changed as the challenges have become more evident.
North Korea fires off missile as U.S. continues military drills with Asian allies
Pyongyang fired off a short-range ballistic missile Sunday, Tokyo and Seoul said, days before the U.S. and South Korea were due to wrap up large-scale …
Screen time has limited effects on toddlers’ development: Japan study
The study also found that the negative effects of a day’s screen time on young children can be reduced by letting them play outside for …
Japan on high alert as avian flu rages across the country and heads north
Amid egg shortages and soaring prices, how worried should people be about the potential impacts of bird flu on human health?
Japan envoy discusses security in first visit by foreign minister to the Solomon Islands
Yoshimasa Hayashi said Japan was “watching the developments” of a security pact the Solomon Islands signed with China last year.
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo logs 549 new cases
Across Japan on Saturday, 33 new deaths were reported among COVID-19 patients, and there were 86 severely ill patients, down by 10 from Friday.

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When Emperor Meiji opened Japan, a little democracy sneaked in
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WHO accuses China of withholding data on pandemic’s origins
Genetic research from China suggests to some experts that the coronavirus may have sprung from a seafood market in Wuhan. Now the data are missing …

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