Scientists created a black hole in an unique lab experiment. Then, it started to glow.


Teen mom who couldn’t find babysitter takes her 1-year-old toddler as prom date and they’re adorable

A teenage mom has received appreciation after taking her toddler as her date to the school prom. Melissa Mccabe, who is 16 now, became pregnant when she was 14 and gave birth to Arthur in November 2020.

Mccabe, who lives in the U.K., describes her 1-year-old son as her “little blessing” and said she wanted him to be part of her prom. “When prom came around, no one could really have him and I wanted him to be a part of my prom day. I ordered him a suit and took him with me.

All of the teachers were saying how gorgeous he looked,” Mccabe told The Liverpool Echo. She said it was amazing to take him along and also have good pictures taken of them. “We don’t really have any nice up-to-date pictures of us. He loved it and he particularly loved all the snacks!” she said.

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Seth Rogen was asked a question about being childless that men never get. His answer was honest.

Childless women in the public eye are often plagued by the question: “So, why don’t you have any children?” It’s a deeply personal question that cuts right to the bone, and there can be many answers. But, if the woman doesn’t want children and says so publicly, she is bound to face some judgment.

“[I don’t] like [the pressure] that people put on me, on women—that you’ve failed yourself as a female because you haven’t procreated. I don’t think it’s fair,” Jennifer Aniston told Allure. “You may not have a child come out of your vagina, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t mothering—dogs, friends, friends’ children.”

On the Monday, March 6 episode of “The Diary Of A CEO” podcast, host Steven Bartlett asked actor Seth Rogen about why he’s childless, and it was a rare moment where a man in the public eye was challenged on the topic. Rogen gave a thoughtful explanation for his and Lauren Miller’s decision to be child-free.

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Video of high school students from the 1980s has everyone asking why teenagers look so old

When we stumble upon videos and pictures from the 1980s, many things seem different from now – the dressing sense, the lifestyle, and the gadgets people used at that time. However, after a video of students from 1987 went viral on Twitter, people on the internet have been questioning why everyone is looking so mature. It is captioned, “High school in 1987.”

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Scientists created a black hole in an unique lab experiment. Then, it started to glow.

Black Holes have always captured the interest of scientists and common people alike. While scientists grapple with finding new information about these regions in our universe, we all are forever fascinated by this concept of science. In a revolutionary experiment, scientists have been successfully able to create a replica of the black hole and it can solve several questions about this phenomenon, reports Science Alert.

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Teen shopping for prom dresses tears up over shop owner’s $700 surprise: ‘I love that on you!’

For teenagers, prom is one of the most important nights of their life and an occasion where they want to feel and look beautiful. They desperately search for that perfect dress that fits them like a glove and turns heads. However, shopping is not always a fun experience for everyone.

Summer Lucille, the owner of the boutique Juicy Body Goddess, dreaded shopping for social events in the ’90s as stores would not carry her size. “I know what it’s like to be a fat girl in a fatphobic world,” she told TODAY. Those painful memories drove her to start carrying prom dresses at Juicy Body Goddess, a clothing boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina, that offers up to a size 6x. With the help of her fan following on TikTok, Lucille has devoted herself to helping young women find their dream dresses.

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