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Western & Eastern Blocs Fast Approaching Third World War

Vladimir Kozin: Western & Eastern Blocs Fast Approaching Third World War

Dr. Vladimir Kozin discusses the Ukraine conflict and explains that Kiev and NATO are the aggressors against the Russian Federation. The U.S. is threatening the use of nuclear weapons on NATO’s eastern flank and has abrogated all arms control agreements. There is little no communication between either side. The Pentagon has stated this war of attrition will continue for at least five years. The western and eastern blocs are fast approaching a Third World War. He comments on Western “state terrorism” (e.g. Nord Stream), Color Revolutions, and believes COVID-19 was a U.S. biological weapon. The West seeks a strategic Russian defeat but Dr. Kozin believes Moscow will win.

ANALYSIS: Once a Great Power, Russia is Now Dependent on Iranian Weapons

Russia is forced to import Shahed drones from Iran, since it has not properly developed its own drone industry.

ANALYSIS: The United States’ Maintenance of Troops in Iraq is Designed to Contain Iran

Iran’s strengthening relationship with the Eurasian heavyweights such as China and Russia have American authorities worried and has prevented them from fully pulling troops from Iraq.

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