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Why So Many ‘Leftists’ Become Right-Wing GRIFTERS

There is a recent trend happening in American politics recently and that is former progressives becoming Right-Wing. Most famous among them are people like Tulsi Gabbard and Jimmy Dore, who over the last 4 years have made a dramatic shift rightwards. But why is this happening? Can it be as simple as just saying these people have sold out for a paycheck? In this video we talk about these figures and what they represent on the broader left. .

00:00:00 – Why Anti-Imperialist Leftists Become Conservatives 00:04:18 – The Battle between Post-Leftists and Lib-Leftists 00:10:30 – The Anti-War Pro-War Rally In DC 00:14:40 – Why Tulsi Gabbard and Jimmy Dore left the left 00:24:40 – Why People Support these former Leftists My Patreon:… Follow me on Twitter: My Instagram: Second Channel:    / @thekavernacleextra   My Podcast:… My Subreddit: My Personal Reddit:… My Medium: Alex (guy who did the graphics) YouTube channel:

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