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How close is war with Iran?

The prospect of war with Iran appears to be getting greater with each passing month – perhaps ratcheted to its highest threat in years last week with this comment from U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides, who said: “Israel can and should do whatever they need to deal with [Iran] and we’ve got their back.”

That was a break with the longstanding public posture of the U.S., which had been to try to (publicly, at least) tap the brakes anytime Israel suggested it was revving the engines of its Iran bombers. That Nides made the comment with a new, almost-indescribably-far-right government in power is all the more concerning.

My colleague Ken Klippenstein has added a disturbing new piece of reporting on the U.S. war posture toward Iran, finding that as Jared Kushner was putting together the Abraham Accords and moving Israel under the jurisdiction of CENTCOM, the Trump administration secretly funded an Iran war plan operation code-named “Support Sentry.” (Presumably it’s a reference to Israel being our sentry in the Mideast? You would think they’d be more obscure in their secret code names.)


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