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Simple explainer shows how anyone can hold people in power accountable through court watching


97-year-old Dick Van Dyke’s stunning reveal as ‘The Masked Singer’ brought a judge to tears

Few people manage to achieve the status of both Hollywood legend and human legend, but Dick Van Dyke is definitely one of them.

The 97-year-old actor, dancer, singer and all-around showman blew away the audience and judges of “The Masked Singer” when he was revealed as the voice behind the enigmatic “Gnome” in the show’s ninth season opener. Judge Nicole Scherzinger found herself crying at witnessing the reveal.

“I love you so much. We love you so much. The whole world loves you so much,” she said through tears. “I’m trying to, like, play it cool, but you look so gorgeous! You look so handsome!”

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Gen-Z company shows how its employees sign off on emails and it’s certainly expressive

video showing innovative and informal sign-offs on the emails of young workers is gaining the attention of people on the internet. NinetyEight, a marketing and brand growth operation company run by members of Generation Z, is showing how the younger generation is shaking up their work culture. “F–k you, I’m out,” read a sign-off from an employee on their email sign-off and people are loving it. Through time, work culture has been gradually changing, but a fair few members of the older generations viewed (and still view) order, structure, hierarchy, dress code and maintaining the status quo as more important than work itself. As younger generations entered the workspace, the rules of the game changed. Workspaces became more informal and welcoming.

Anyone who has typed out emails to upper management or even established brands and companies knows how much we fret over small details such as email sign-offs. We often spend more time structuring the email and using ‘proper’ language than actually conveying the intended message. Some of the unoriginal sign-offs include “Warm regards,” “yours sincerely” and so on. Not to mention no one likes to read emails so it was really creative of the employees of NinetyEight to keep things light. Some of the sign-offs included, “hehe bye,” “that’s all,” “f–k you, I’m out” and “that’s about it.. mmm.. yeah.” One person went with the Matthew McConaughey classic — “Alright, alright, alright.” The email sign-offs struck a chord, garnering more than 6.8 million views and 1.4 million likes.

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Simple explainer shows how anyone can hold people in power accountable through court watching

A nationwide group of 30 independent court watch organizations has come together to create a network to ensure justice is served in America’s courtrooms. The National Courtwatch Network is working to expand court watching so that more people in power are held accountable.

The job of a court watcher is simple: Observe the proceedings to ensure justice is served. People can do this by showing up in a courtroom or observing online.

At a time when a growing number of Americans are waking up to systemic social injustice, court watching is a way that ordinary citizens can make a significant impact in the heart of where injustice often takes place. For those who are new to court watching, the organization provides training.

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This ancient mountain that inspired Avatar’s Pandora is one of the oldest formations on Earth

James Cameron’s “Avatar” film series introduced us to Pandora, a lush biosphere teeming with life, where exotic plants, animals and lemur-like humanoids thrive.

While Pandora might be a fictional place, it was inspired by real places on good ol’ planet Earth, including a sandstone mountain so ancient it dates all the way back to the Proterozoic Eon.

Mount Roraima, which can loosely be translated to “great blue-green house of spirits,” is a vast flat-topped mountain (or tepui) nestled between the borders of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. Estimated to be over 2 billion years old, many consider it to be one of the oldest geological formations on earth.

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Only child asks her friends what it’s like to grow up with siblings. They showed her instead.

Ahhh, siblings. Sometimes they’re your best friends and other times your living room turns into an MMA octagon over the remote control. If you grew up with brothers and sisters, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be an only child. (That’s not to say you didn’t dream about it when your sister stole your favorite shirt for the 30th time.)

But not everyone has siblings, so it can be equally as hard for someone who grew up as an only child to picture what it would be like to have them. Only children also likely had moments where they dreamt of having a little brother or sister, not realizing the literal torment siblings can inflict on each other.

TikTok creator Lonnie IIV recently posted a video of himself with two other friends seemingly out to lunch, when the girl in the group asked what it was like to grow up with siblings. In less than a minute she realized she lucked out being an only child because her two guy friends gave her a crash course in sibling behavior.

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