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The Left Eats The Left


Bryan Cranston is a phenomenal actor, but when it comes to his politics, he should just focus on giving us more “Breaking Bad” level performances.

Well, he isn’t complacent with just being an actor, instead he decided to go on to talk with liberal turned free speech advocate Bill Maher, and the interaction was probably not what Cranston anticipated before sitting in front of Maher’s typically progressive audience.

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According to TheBlaze:

In a recent episode of Maher’s “Club Random” podcast, the two quarreled about teaching students CRT in school following a discussion about slavery.

Speaking on the topic of the first U.S. presidents owning slaves, Cranston declared, “It’s 400 f***ing years that we’ve dealt with this, and our country still has not taken responsibility or accountability.”

When Maher asked what the country hasn’t taken responsibility for, Cranston shot back, “For the history of the systemic racism that’s in this country.”

Maher then wanted to know what more should be done.

Questions and logical answers, that’s what Cranston was bothered by. How dare one liberal ask another liberal why he or she believes in what they do? How dare a liberal ask another liberal to justify why they believe something or give some evidence as to why they came to that conclusion in the first place?

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What we’re seeing among the liberal Left at this moment is a fracturing in which American progressives will have to make a very clear and polarizing choice; either continue to live in the Land of Make Believe where we can ignore real history, make up genders, and say that cows are destroying the planet, or live in the real world.

While this conversation was “heated” by most liberal standards, the calmness shown breaking down is an indicator that even among the Left, all is not well.

When Bill Maher is a defender of free speech, when Senator Kyrsten Sinema isn’t liberal enough for the Democrats, and when Dave Chappelle isn’t woke enough, what does that say about how liberals really feel about things?


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