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Biden is bringing you three more months of “science”

By Tom Woods

You may have heard that Joe Biden has declared that the Covid emergency will be officially over on May 11.

Why May 11? Could “The Science” really be that precise?

Biden said it’s to make sure officials can get everything done.

So in case you hadn’t had your fill of useless nothingness in the name of protecting you against Covid, you’ll have the luxury of three more months of it.

I certainly hope this means that after May 11 people from other countries who haven’t had the shots will once again be allowed to enter the United States — one of a handful of countries that still has that ridiculous and ludicrously unscientific restriction in place.

One pleasant surprise, for me at least, was how soon (relatively speaking) countries began dropping restrictions on foreign visitors. I had thought that would be the last restriction to fall. Unvaccinated people from other countries form no part of any domestic politician’s constituency, so how could we expect them to get any immediate relief?

No doubt a major part of the answer is that some sectors of various economies — tourism only the most obvious of them — rely on the ability of foreign visitors to cross borders. So even the most unreasonable regimes decided to discontinue this charade.

Hard to believe, but in this area, at least, Canada has for some time been freer than the United States. Thanks, Joe Biden.

Although I’ve built a sizable audience that’s been following me for 15 or 20 years, Covid is the reason many of you first heard of me.

It’s the reason for my very first banned video, too: “The Covid Cult,” delivered at a Ron Paul conference in November 2020, which summed up the idiocy in a fact-filled 20 minutes.

Over the course of these three years I’ve sent you lots of charts and statistics to show you definitively that what you were being told was wrong.

Sure, we knew in our hearts it was wrong, but if you’re like me there’s nothing quite like a chart that slides a dagger straight into the heart of the empire of lies.

People kept telling me I was keeping them sane.

I think what they meant by that was: everywhere we turn, we hear the same propaganda: from the White House, the state houses, the media, the “health” institutes, the entertainment world, academia, the business world, everywhere.

And that’s true not just for Covid, but for all the regime’s narratives. They want you to think everyone disagrees with you, that you’re completely alone, and there’s no point in resisting.

But you’re not alone. It’s just that the normal people are disorganized and scattered. But we’re out there.

And despite the madness coming from the official channels, it is entirely possible to flourish and prosper.

The great Harry Browne, in his classic How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, talked about just how much of our lives are truly within our own power to control, regardless of who occupies the White House.

And that is what our demoralized people need to hear now.

A lot of good people, just like you, who read these emails, have spent the last 12 months having the best year of their lives.

They’ve been starting businesses, publishing books, losing weight, making connections, you name it.


We’ve been meeting in small groups of 10-15 people.

We each discuss our present situation, our challenges and obstacles, we receive feedback and advice, and we set a reachable goal for the following week.

This keeps us moving forward. We have an achievable goal each week, and we’d rather not tell our peers we didn’t do it.

It’s been life-changing.

Most of these groups are for entrepreneurship or fitness, but members can now start groups on anything they want, for any kind of goal they want to reach.

And not to mention: every month the entire community also gets two masterclasses on crucial and practical topics, like investing, homeschooling, negotiation (in other words, how to get what you want), starting a business (online or offline), real estate, relocation (even on a budget!), and plenty more.

I’ve given presentations on how to deliver an effective speech, and how to be a better writer. We’ve likewise covered how to fight your inner critic, and how to defeat self-sabotage — problems that afflict more of us than you realize.

No more wringing our hands about how hopeless it all is. No more arguing pointlessly on the Internet. We’re actually doing something for a change.

Now I could make a hard sell here, but I won’t. You know me, you know I’m trustworthy, and you know I don’t put out crap. You see the value in this.

I’ve opened the School of Life up again for a very brief window, and then it will close its doors indefinitely.

Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab want you depressed, isolated, and demoralized.

Don’t give them the satisfaction:

Tom Woods

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