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My ‘soul is tapped out:’ The pandemic killed my ambition. Here’s how I’m getting it back

January 21, 2023


If you’re anything like personal finance writer Alicia Adamczyk, perhaps you’ve been feeling burnt out: spending more time on social media, exercising less, and spending less time doing the things you enjoy.


Adamczyk writes in a new piece this week that as the pandemic times rolled on, her good habits—the ones that challenged her, made her excited to write, pushed her to go on long walks and run—slowly slipped away until she lost her ambition.


She writes, “But what is life without something to look forward to—something to strive for, something new to learn? I want to live a soft life, while also feeling like the work I’m doing is meaningful and helpful to others. While I don’t want things to go back to the way they were before the pandemic, I do want to be ambitious.”


You can read how she’s redefining her ambition and how others can too below.

My ‘soul is tapped out:’ The pandemic killed my ambition. Here’s how I’m getting it back


The COVID-19 pandemic led many Americans to rethink their relationship with ambition. What it means now is still evolving.


JANUARY 17, 2023

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