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The agenda for the U.S. finally letting post-war Europe grow up.

Dear Reader,The pandemic is over. So over, in fact, that while we still talk about it at times and see the occasional mask it is now difficult to recall what life in 2020 was actually like. That does not mean there has been a full reckoning for the mistakes and malfeasance of the Covid years. That must yet come. But that does mean there is no good reason for the president to hold on to his pandemic emergency powers. In an editorial yesterday, Representative Paul Gosar reminded his colleagues in Congress that it is their responsibility to take back the authority temporarily given to the executive now that the pandemic is, culturally, over.

Retired diplomat Phillip Linderman would also like American policy to reflect new conditions. The security welfare state that the U.S. military has built in Western Europe is no longer necessary. The Cold War is over. European economies have more than recovered from the depressions of conquest and world conflict. Linderman lays out his agenda for the U.S. finally letting post-war Europe grow up. With so many problems domestically, and a dangerously stagnant rival in China, we can no longer pretend either Europe’s pacification or growth are our primary national interest.

And staff reporter Bradley Devlin has taken a look at Harmeet Dhillon’s bid for chair of the Republican National Committee. To win, he concludes, Dhillon must wed aspirations for a truly conservative party championing middle and working class families and family formation with the practical, ugly work of getting ballots in boxes. Perhaps a GOP under Dhillon can be a winner.
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