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The Jews and the Soviets

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Our February 9 issue is online now, with Christine Smallwood on how to read, Gary Shteyngart on Soviet Jews, Jed Perl on Matisse’s extremes, Anahid Nersessian on Dionne Brand at the gates of beauty, Adam Kirsch on The Hours at the opera, Fred Kaplan on Putin’s failures, Linda Greenhouse on Christian nationalists, Coco Fusco on contemporary Cuban art, Ian Frazier on America’s farming follies, poems by Caleb Crain and Marianne Boruch, and much more.

Gary Shteyngart
Beyond the Pale

After the Russian Revolution, Jews had to navigate a new identity: aspiring muscular worker and New Soviet Man.

Linda Greenhouse
Victimhood and Vengeance

How did the Christian nationalist influence on American democracy escape the notice of so many?

Coco Fusco
The Other Cuba

An exhibition of Cuban art from the past decade charts the emergence of a group of artists who have broken the state’s monopoly on public discourse.

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Felicia Kornbluh
The Grassroots of ‘Roe’

My mother’s part in the 1970 repeal of New York’s abortion law is a lesson for today’s activists: all politics is local.

Max Rivlin-Nadler
Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Eric Adams’s involuntary hospitalization plan was the culmination of a year spent demonizing those on the lowest rung of New York City’s ladder.

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