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Netflix flight attendants can make $385K

January 19, 2023
Hello, Insiders! Remember when everyone was talking about the metaverse? Folks were snapping up properties in virtual worlds for huge sums, and it felt like we’d all have digital twins.


That bubble has burst. But there are useful applications of metaverse technology, in industries from healthcare to autos. Matt Turner, editor in chief for business, moderated a panel on this topic in Davos at the World Economic Forum. You can watch it here.


Matt shared this note: “Airline pilots train for hundreds of hours in a simulation before they get behind the controls of a real plane. If you think about the metaverse through that lens, it could help train medical students, engineers, and architects.”

What do you think? Are there any IRL applications you currently see for the metaverse, or would like to see? Let me know:


— Nicholas Carlson

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Saul Loeb/Pool/Getty Images; Rachel Mendelson/Insider


America is entering a new Cold War — and this time, it’s over the future of tech.


The world runs on computer chips. From the phone in your hand to the military’s missile systems, almost every part of today’s society relies on the tiny, intricate devices known as semiconductors.


The critical importance of these chips has turned them into the main battleground in a new race between the US and China — and triggered a massive push by the federal government to bring semiconductor manufacturing to the US.


But the rush for cities and states to get in on this gold mine has resurfaced fights about job creation and exacerbated local battles over housing, schools, and business development.

If the first Cold War was defined by the development of nuclear weapons, this new Tech Cold War is defined by the computer chip — and it comes at a cost.


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