American Decline

Nations and Societies Always Fool Themselves about their True Selves

Have you ever wondered if there is a quick and easy way for identifying the weak points and deficits of any given society? Well.. here is one.

Any given society will always lack whichever qualities, resources or attributes it constantly claims to have in abundance.

Confused? Perhaps a few examples would help you understand my point.

Let us start with USA as our first example. For some reasons, more than a few people in this country will never tire of telling you that it is full of happy, hardworking and honest individualists. However, as many of you know, reality is rather different. Even the casual visitor quickly notices that USA is full of joyless, greedy and fat drones who will prefer to work in some ‘safe’ job selling their soul for a few bucks so that they can buy stuff to fit in with a ‘cool’ crowd of people they don’t know. Or take their much publicized “best healthcare system in the world” which is supposedly patronized by people from other developed countries. Oddly enough, it provides markedly inferior outcomes when compared to much less expensive systems in ‘socialistic’ countries. The American justice system, which is supposed to be fair and governed by ‘laws not men’, somehow manages to incarcerate more people than China and Russia- both in sheer numbers and percentage. Did I mention that most criminal cases in the USA never go to trial and are settled by onerous plea bargains and mandatory sentences-like they are supposed to do in those ‘bad communist’ countries.

However such massive cognitive dissonance is not uniquely American. Let us take a look at India as another example. Most people from that country will claim that it is a functional democracy. While that country is a democracy, it is not quite functional. Or take the claim that most Indians are vegetarians because they are compassionate and spiritual people. The reality is that vegetarianism in India has historically been linked to caste status. As far as compassion and spirituality.. let’s just say that those qualities are no more common in Indians than people from other countries. The average Indian is just as greedy, dishonest, money and status obsessed as the average American. Most Indians claim to be keepers of a rich five thousand-year tradition. The only problem with that claim is that most people in India also cannot read the ancient languages in which those traditions were written and passed down.


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