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Where in the World: Adair and Winds, Pt. 1

by Peter Zeihan on December 30, 2022
NB: The following video is one I recorded while on my annual backpacking trip in August; please excuse any potential anachronisms.

Camping at Adair Lake is most comparable to spending a night in a wind tunnel – and yes, it was as peaceful as your picturing. The little sleep I did get was supplemented with some thought around wind’s impact on global agriculture.

Many of the world’s agricultural zones get their moisture from 1 of 2 wind sources – jet streams or monsoons. As the climate shifts, we will see more dramatic shifts in winds, leaving these single-wind-source agricultural zones with substantial moisture vulnerabilities.

There are, however, 5 zones that were blessed with multiple wind currents and their importance will become very apparent as the climate continues to change.

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