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Morning News: December 27, 2022 Epoch Times- 3 Common Long COVID Symptoms, Low-Cost Remedies Recommended by Doctors

December 27, 2022
“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”
3 Common Long COVID Symptoms, Low-Cost Remedies Recommended by Doctors
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Policies & Impacts

Millions of Americans Set to Be Removed From Medicaid After Passage of Omnibus Bill

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David & Goliath | Feature Film

The incredible true story of David, a young shepherd who battles the most ferocious giant in human history. This epic and inspiring story reveals the power of faith and courage against all odds.

Don’t miss the critically-acclaimed movie that will have you crying and cheering!

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Leaked China Docs Estimate 250 Million COVID Cases in 20 Days; Country Overwhelmed as ‘China Model’ on Virus Fails

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New ‘Twitter Files’ Show Company Suppressed COVID Information From Doctors and Experts

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Russia-Ukraine War

Putin Vows to Destroy US-Made Patriot Missile Systems Promised to Ukraine

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US News

Popular Food Dye Linked to Intestinal Inflammation, Colitis: Study

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Executive Branch

63 Percent of Americans Want FBI ‘Censorship’ of Twitter Investigated: Poll

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Education & Family News

Students Speak Out on Anti-White, Anti-Christian, Anti-American Culture at Florida University

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Creative Wonders

Colorado Man’s Close-Up Photos of Perfect 12-Point Snowflakes Look Incredibly Amazing

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Musical Moments

Melodies in a Secret Garden | Violin & Flute

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NEW 8-Pound Solar Generator is HERE!

Our #1 most requested item is BACK! This “weird” 8-pound solar device could save your life in a dangerous blackout.

The chaos of the last two years has taught us that it’s not IF you need a backup plan, it’s WHEN. Crisis mode has become the new normal.

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Michael Zwaagstra
Michael Zwaagstra: Useless Classroom Fads Turn Students Into Guinea Pigs
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Jeffrey A. Tucker
China Trolls the World
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