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“The Jungle” Revisited

New York Review of Books

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Alice Driver
Working in Their Sleep

Meatpacking workers in Arkansas, grieving loved ones lost to Covid and struggling to pay medical bills, are organizing for justice from their employer.

Michael C. Dorf
and Laurence H. Tribe
Court v. Chatbot

In a recent experiment, chatGPT showed a more developed moral sense than the Supreme Court’s current conservative supermajority.

Andrew Martin
DeLillo Studies

Noah Baumbach’s White Noise, a mashup of cinematic tropes and references, never finds the even tone that holds the novel’s contradictions together.

Kim Phillips-Fein
‘My High-Income Earners’

Eric Adams’s austere fiscal policy seems designed to reassure the wealthy that they will not have to pay their share of New York’s bills.

Christopher Benfey
Apostle of Youth

In the music and writings of Ned Rorem, I found a kindred voice—a Quaker “of the intellectual rather than puritanical variety.”

Hannah Gold
Depth Chargers

In Denis Johnson’s last and most desperate play, five characters converge on an Iowa kitchen for a marathon drinking session.

Matthew Aucoin
Save the ENO!

The Arts Council’s decision to cut off annual funding for the English National Opera and other flagship London arts institutions will be devastating for audiences and artists.

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