Wash Post Smears Free Speech Advocates As “Racist”

Twitter’s head attorney and the individual most responsible for promoting Twitter censorship of Donald Trump and others Vijaya Gedde reportedly cried when she revealed to staffers that Elon Musk was taking over the social media platform. And after she received vitriolic and racist comments from randos on Twitter, the Washington Post all but accused Musk and Breaking Points host Saagar Enjeti (who tweeted criticism of the censorship) for directing the racist hate at Gedde.

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  1. Which proves – as if there is any serious question – that The Left runs the United States. The Left includes Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the entire Corporate Media.

    All speak with One Voice pushing Leftism.

    The Campus Crowd – self-described “anarchists” and “socialists” who pretend they have some “political theory” are, 99% of the time, just Leftists pretending they are not just partisan Democrats.

    It also shows that the entire Corporate Establishment – Capitalism – is anti-white, “racist” meaning nothing more than “a person of European ancestry.”

    The meaning of “far right” is “opposes mass population transfers specifically designed to disenfranchise people of European ancestry in any country, anywhere in the world.”

    They open advocate it on national Corporate media, these policies are enforced by the State and its military and law enforcement arms.

    And it all justified by “Anarchists” and “Socialists” and “Progressives” and “Liberals” and “Leftists” who – if they aren’t Starbucks baristas – are employed by the Democratic party, one of the many NGO aligned with the Democratic party, and in many cases the Corporate Media and their Defense Contractor advertisers.

    And all of these Left Progressive activists constantly pretend that they are “oppressed” as opposed to the reality everyone can see with their own eyes – they are privileged, paid stormtroopers for Big Capital.

    That goes double, triple, for “LGBT” – especially the Trannies – the most privileged, and the most bigoted and hateful, of all of Big Capital’s stormtroopers.

    Nothing new – the Communist movement was funded by Wall Street, after all.

    Hilarious to see Progressive Leftist Anarchist Communists jump to the defense of Disney Inc., when these groomer’s access to other people’s children are threatened.

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