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Bernie Sanders Abandons Plan To Force Vote on Yemen War

Faced with White House opposition, Sanders withdrew a resolution that would’ve challenged U.S. involvement in the Yemeni Civil War.


The Senate looked poised last night to vote on the Yemen War Powers Resolution, which would have stopped some forms of U.S. assistance to the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia in the ongoing Yemeni Civil War. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), who sponsored the resolution, told The Intercept last week that he thought he had enough votes for it to pass the Senate.

But last night, Sanders announced that he’d withdrawn the resolution from Senate consideration “after the Biden administration agreed to continue working with [his] office on ending the war in Yemen.” That came after reports that the White House railed against the resolution, with aides cautioning that President Joe Biden might veto it if passed. If the White House and Sanders’ office fail to reach an agreement, Sanders says he will reintroduce the resolution “in the near future and do everything possible to end this horrific conflict.”

Sanders’ disappointing capitulation to the White House ensures that Biden can keep putting off the course corrections he promised on the campaign trail. As a candidate, Biden said he’d end former President Donald Trump’s “blank check” assistance to Saudi Arabia and end the war in Yemen. Yesterday’s reports indicate that the president is more committed to the status quo than he cares to publicly admit.


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