Pennsylvania County to Recount 2020 Election Results in 2023

December 16, 2022
Election Integrity
Pennsylvania County to Recount 2020 Election Results in 2023
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A Novel and Breathtakingly Beautiful Documentary Series
Dr. Malone, assisted by his wife, explains in full detail what he thinks about the mRNA vaccines, the way they were “approved,” about his patents, about vaccine coercion and about vaccinating children in this episode.

This series broadcast by EpochTV for free! Share it with your family and friends who didn’t know the truth.

American Thought Leaders
Ashley Yablon: How I Exposed a CCP Tech Giant’s Elaborate Scheme to Evade US Sanctions
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Crime and Incidents
FBI Arrests Chinese Music Student—Here’s Why
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Immigration & Border Security
Denver Mayor Declares Emergency, Says City ‘On Verge of Reaching Breaking Point’ Amid Influx of Illegal Immigrants
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Female Student Recalls Leaving Body After Doctors Fail to Save Her Life—But Returns, Wakes Up in Morgue
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Photo Games
Spot the Difference Daily
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