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Morning News: December 10, 2022 Epoch Times-Elon Musk Exposes Twitter’s Censorship of Former President Donald Trump

December 10, 2022
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.”
Media & Big Tech
Elon Musk Exposes Twitter’s Censorship of Former President Donald Trump
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Crime and Incidents

Philadelphia Man Charged With Postal Crimes Was Also Found With Stolen Mail-In Ballots

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How a New Government-Corporate Alliance Is Paving the Way for Tyranny
Will ESG soon control the world? What would that be like?

Big Government is powerful. So are gigantic corporations. What would happen if they formed an alliance to control the entire planet? A new film from The Epoch Times, lifts the veil on what ESG is really all about!

“The Shadow State” is now exclusively on EpochTV!


Donald Trump

Trump Campaign Reveals ‘Game Plan’ for 2024

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Ohio Taking Google Search to Court Over What State Attorney General Says Is ‘Unfair Practice’

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Crime and Incidents

Unsealed Court Records Show Why 2021 Charges Were Dropped Against Suspected Club Q Shooter

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Northern California

UC to Withhold More Than 37,000 Grades Amid Strike: Faculty Association

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Student Loan Borrowers Ask Supreme Court to Hear Their Case Against Biden’s Loan Forgiveness Program

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Jan. 6 Coverage

Jan. 6 Journalist Suffers 4th Heart Attack in 2 Years, Says Strain From Exposing Alleged Fed Involvement at Fault

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VIDEO: Cuban Immigrant Loses It on Getting First Paycheck From UPS in America, Tasting Freedom for First Time

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Kash’s Corner

Kash’s Corner: James Baker and Perkins Coie, Russiagate Architects, Are Back as the Twitter Files Saga Unfolds

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Over the Target

What Was a Top Spy Doing at Twitter?

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A solar generator… worth its weight in GOLD

Jim and his family lost power recently.

Luckily for Jim and his loved ones, he was prepared with a Patriot Power Generator – a “next generation” solar generator that’s powerful, portable, safe, silent, and 100% no fumes.

Jim declares that this 1-of-a-kind generator is “worth its weight in GOLD.”

See the #1 solar generator in action (and get one before they’re gone)

Jeffrey A. Tucker
The Twitter Files: Just the Beginning
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Anders Corr
Ban TikTok Everywhere
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