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Freedom News Digest: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2022 Failed Coup: Is the U.S. Ready to Abandon Guaidó and Reintegrate Venezuela into the Global Community?

He was a very good man, intellectually as honest as he was pugnacious. May we do a fraction of the good he did, for this movement.
Alberto Mingardi, “Walter Grinder, an Appreciation” [2022]


December 9, 2022

What a Bunch of Hooey about Viktor Bout
It would be difficult to find a bigger pile of hooey in the mainstream press than what they are saying about Viktor Bout. It’s almost as bad as their monumental hooey about Russian citizen Maria Butina. The hooey surrounding Bout and Butina only goes to show what happens to people’s minds when the government inculcates them with an extreme, obsessive anti-Russia hostility.

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Walter Grinder, an Appreciation
by Alberto Mingardi
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Failed Coup: Is the U.S. Ready to Abandon Guaidó and Reintegrate Venezuela into the Global Community?
by Ted Snider


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