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Dear Reader,Brian Kaller is a writer from Ferguson, Missouri. But for the last two decades he has lived in rural Ireland. He returned home this Fall for a six week visit, and in a poignant essay reflects on the way things have changed, in Ferguson and the United States, even as other things have stayed the same. It’s hard to know what’s real from across an ocean, time, and the digital ether. “There are still two Americas, but the most important division might not be left and right, but of the Twitter class and the working class.”

Last week, Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, delivered an address at the University of Public Service in Budapest. The American Conservative ran a transcript of his remarks Monday, and Roberts’s leadership of Heritage continues to demonstrate the ways the conservative establishment is adapting and evolving in response to growing nationalist and populist impulses both here in the U.S. and abroad. The rhetoric is striking: “The woke, indoctrinating imperialists now preying on European nation-states’ sovereignty — like those corrupting America’s own culture — are not bored by Christianity. They hate it.”

And out from the paywall for the November/December 20th anniversary issue of the magazine this week was Hunter DeRensis’s review of a new book on the man and moment that has shaped our regime more than any. FDR’s landslide victory in 1936 laid the foundations of the contemporary administrative state and remains the pattern on which American democratic politics is based. Just as the Second World War has become the founding myth of global liberal democracy, so too did FDR and the New Deal create the arena in which all of American political life is conducted.

Micah Meadowcroft
Web Editor

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