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The truth about DeSantis

Nicholas Carlson November 4, 2022


Hello, Insiders. Back when I was a tech blogger (a million years ago), there was nothing more exciting than a leak about whatever Apple was up to. The next best thing was iPhone launch day. Steve Jobs was a master showman. (Yes, that’s an old blog of mine.) His successor Tim Cook, on the other hand, is a major snooze.

And because every iPhone seems the same as the last — so, kind of, is Apple these days. That is … unless you’re a shareholder. Did you know the company is now worth more than Amazon, Meta, and Alphabet combined? As Samantha Delouya writes, “CEO Tim Cook’s keep-your-head-down approach has paid off.” But with that, let’s get to the news.


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The latest
  • The Trump Org got an unwanted sidekick courtesy of a Manhattan judge — a court-ordered watchdog. Get the details.
The big story
Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Rebecca Zisser/Insider
Casey DeSantis is the secret “co-governor” of Florida. Rivals, friends, and former colleagues say she’s behind husband Ron DeSantis’ meteoric rise.


Florida governor Ron DeSantis has made national headlines for his controversial stances — including his feud with Disney and pending lawsuits alleging he lured unsuspecting migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Now, he’s making more as a possible Republican presidential candidate.


Insiders say Casey has been integral in shaping Ron’s trajectory. One former congressional staffer said she was his primary advisor during his bid for the US House seat. A Republican operative told us she’s a gatekeeper in her own right — staffers brag about their proximity to her: “It’s very Hillary Clinton 1992-esque. You’re getting the two-for-one deal here.”


As one of Ron’s former chiefs of staff told reporters Lyz Lenz and Kimberly Leonard, “It’s clear she’s the X factor. They complete the political element that is Ron DeSantis.”


Read the full story on the DeSantis double act here.

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