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A Time Limit on Affirmative Action?

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The cover story of the 20th anniversary issue of the magazine came out from behind the paywall this week. If you’ve not yet become a member of TAC you should, but in the meantime take advantage of the chance to read Nic Rowan’s feature on the speech that in some ways started it all for The American Conservative. Pat Buchanan delivered a barn burner at the RNC on August 17, 1992, but whatever you do, don’t call it the “culture war speech.”

A retired assistant U.S. attorney and federal prosecutor, Thomas Ascik closely followed Monday’s Supreme Court oral arguments about affirmative action in universities for us. His analysis finds seven primary issues under consideration: Justice O’Connor’s 25-year time limit on race consciousness in higher education, counting by race, the meaning of “educational diversity,” “viewpoint” diversity, Harvard’s “personal rating” of applicants, the “new originalism,” and the positions taken by the Biden administration in the oral arguments.

After David Patraeus alluded to a multinational intervention in Ukraine to a French newspaper, and President Joe Biden declared the United States reserved her right to carry out a nuclear first strike, Douglas Macgregor is wondering what’s going on in the White House. Comparing a potential non-NATO coalition entering the conflict with Russia to Napoleon’s own march on Moscow, Macgregor sees any movement that direction as setting up America and our allies for far more pain than any of us are ready for. Our leaders are preoccupied with means without being willing to reconsider their ends.

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Don’t Call It the ‘Culture War Speech’

Everyone in the room in 1992 thought Buchanan gave an uplifting speech. Only later was it spun as a dark diatribe.

A Time Limit on Affirmative Action?

A thorough treatment of the oral arguments in two Supreme Court higher education cases.

Will Biden Gamble on a Ukraine Coalition?

The Washington establishment is considering a risky and ill-defined intervention in Europe.

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