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Krystal, Kyle & Friends | Alexandra Hunt

We’re grateful to Alexandra Hunt for delving into the tough issues of the “manosphere,” toxic masculinity, and how the left should view and respond to sexual frustration among young men. She considers young men’s increasing radicalization by far-right figures around issues of sexuality to be an issue the left should take on, and one that has major implications for our political system. Watch below:

Alexandra and Kyle lay out how manosphere commentators are able to identify and speak to struggles that we would think of as systemic, but present these struggles as individualistic, offering misogynistic diatribes, self-help advice, and, of course, often a mixture of both. But Alexandra argues that it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s possible for the left to take on this topic and ensure that people who struggle in this way aren’t radicalized to the far right. In fact, she makes the case that conservative ideology (in the style of Jordan Peterson) doesn’t actually have the best interests of its audience at heart.

Krystal introduces some larger statistics — young people now are having less sex and doing less drugs, having fewer in-person interactions and experiencing higher rates of depression — and Alexandra’s analysis of these social trends, both for men and for women, is that lower rates of sexual activity isn’t a problem in and of itself, but rather that it becomes a problem when people aren’t able to engage in intimacy that meets their needs. It’s part of a broader social stigma around sexuality, which discourages enjoyable sexual encounters and makes it difficult for us to prioritize safe and healthy relationships.

So what can we do? We’re seeking answers to these big questions in this this week’s episode, and we hope those answers will provide meaningful food for thought. Thanks for joining us for another week of KK&F.

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