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Xi plays Mao without the madness

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The Chinese Communist Party is currently in the midst of its 20th quinquennial party congress. Xi Jinping is expected to be reelected to a third term as Secretary-General, consolidating his one-man rule of the Chinese regime.

Looking back at his own time in Ethiopia and the Chinese, Russian, and American presence there, Anthony J. Tokarz has provided an assessment of the diplomacy style Xi has cultivated as China’s leader and what U.S. officials and policymakers should consider as we look to a more multipolar future. “Russia sells weapons to its partners, China churns out sometimes gleaming feats of civil engineering, and the United States launches campaigns to solve complex problems of biomedicine or economics,” Tokarz wrote. “In other words, whereas the actions of Russia and China are highly visible and easy to grasp, the involvement of the United States tends to be more subtle and takes years, if not generations, to flower.”

Regular TAC contributor Doug Bandow also wrote about Xi’s China this week. While the D.C. establishment remains preoccupied with Putin’s Russia and the war in Ukraine, China’s place in the world presents the larger problem to be faced. The best thing America can do is pay attention and put her own house in order. “There is no Chinese threat to the American homeland,” Bandow wrote, but “[t]here is still much for the West to do. The future is not set, and contra Xi’s boastful rhetoric, freedom still is the better bet for the world.”

What that freedom means here in the United States remains as ever under debate. TAC reporter Bradley Devlin was on Notre Dame University’s campus recently to see congressional loser Liz Cheney gripe to a mostly but not entirely sympathetic audience. Like her father, she can’t seem to recognize when she is fighting a losing war. “The Constitution’s greatest product, Cheney seems to think, is our current regime, defined by a revolving door of the party establishments’ chosen political dynasties.” What if the American people are sick of it?

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Forecasting Xi’s Third-Term Diplomacy

The U.S. must take note of the CCP’s tangible investment in developing nations as part of a grand strategy.

Xi Plays Mao Without the Madness

The future is not set, and contra Xi’s boastful rhetoric, freedom still is the better bet for the world.

Another Cheney Loses Another War

Liz Cheney has lost her war against former President Donald Trump, but refuses to admit it. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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