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Morning News: October 21, 2022 Epoch Times-New Poll Numbers Are in Ahead of Midterms—And It’s a Shock

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.”
New Poll Numbers Are in Ahead of Midterms—And It’s a Shock
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Major US Banks Committed to a Controversial United Nations Program—Now 19 State Attorneys General Are Investigating

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Are you looking for analysis of the midterm election based on actual facts and policies?

Unlike other media, The Epoch Times does not endorse any candidates. That’s not the role of media. Instead, we report the facts without spin, and let you make up your own mind.

Every single day, we cover the latest election-related news, publish in-depth analysis, give you policy comparisons between the two parties that are based on facts and have on-the-ground reporters throughout the entire country bringing you the stories straight from the trenches.

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American Thought Leaders

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Joseph Ladapo on Why He’s Not Recommending mRNA COVID Vaccines for Healthy, Young Men—‘People Deserve Honesty’

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2022 Midterm Elections

GOP Will Score ‘Historic Victory’ in Midterms: Mike Pence

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Vaccines & Safety

CDC Advisers Make Bombshell COVID Vaccine Change—Involves Kids’ Immunization Schedule

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You Have Now Entered ‘The Consolidated Americas’—How a Controversial New Idea Could Turn America Into the EU

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Truss Resigns as UK Prime Minister After Just 6 Weeks in Post

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Crossfire Hurricane

FBI Sought Dossier Contributor as Source Before Interviewing Him: Document

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God Helps Retired Running Legend Dick Beardsley Overcome Massive Injury, Loss, and Addiction

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Supreme Court May End All Gun Control; El Chapo Exposes US Officials in Drug Trade

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Truth Over News

Court Case Reveals Danchenko’s Work Was Spread Throughout Intelligence Community—Why It Matters | Truth Over News

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While the media scrambles to vilify Donald Trump, few are talking about the most important IRS Loophole he left open for us – Trump’s parting gift to all Americans which could save your retirement!

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Jeffrey Snider
A Poignant Lesson of Historical ‘Inflation’ and Recession
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Mattias Desmet
The Attempt to Burn Me at the Stake
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