Anarchism: Philosophy & Praxis — A Bibliography

Patrick S. O’Donnell (2018)
This bibliography has two conspicuous constraints: books, in English. While not exhaustive, it is nonetheless intended to be fairly comprehensive. I have included works on social movements,  groups and organizations that may not be avowedly “anarchist” yet display many if not most of  the ideological and behavioral features we have
come to identify as “anarchist.” I have  not included the bulk of titles involving the theoretical application of a few anarchist ideas to topics in epistemology (or, for that matter, most areas of philosophy other than political philosophy and philosophy of education or pedagogy) and literary theory, nor will one find works of fiction that treat with intelligence and sympathy anarchist themes. I welcome suggestions for updated versions of this compilation. Readers may be interested in the following bibliographies with more or less family resemblance to this one:Beyond Capitalist-Attenuated Time: Freedom, Leisure, and Self-Realization;Blacks on the (Radical) Left; Contemporary Democratic Theory; The History, Theory & Praxis of the Left in the 1960s;Marx & Marxism; andUtopian Imagination, Thought & Praxis.
Of all the major traditions of political thought, the anarchists have probably been the most consistent advocates of an expansion of democracy throughout society and into the economy, and therefore have the most affinity with economic democracy. Unfortunately, much contemporary democratic theory largely ignores this tradition. Today anarchism is less a single cohesive political doctrine as it is a large family of those with similar convictions and aspirations: hostility toward unaccountable authority, distrust of hierarchy and power, and optimistic belief in the capacity of ordinary people to control their own lives and organize social relationships on the basis of freedom, equality, and solidarity.
”—Tom Malleson in  After Occupy: Economic Democracy for the 21st Century (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014): 19-20.

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