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Morning News: October 15, 2022 Epoch Times- DOJ In Hot Water After Supreme Court Justice Protests

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”
Crime and Incidents
DOJ In Hot Water After Supreme Court Justice Protests
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US News

What We Know About the Big Social Security Payment Increase

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Kash’s Corner

Kash Patel: Danchenko, Durham, Auten, and the FBI’s $1 Million Bounty Offer to Christopher Steele

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2022 Midterm Elections

Body Language Experts Share Advice on How to Tell When Politicians Lie

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Vaccines & Safety

Israeli Ministry of Health Confirms Leaked Video Is Real, Issues False Statements

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News & Discoveries

Scientists Discover How Cancer Cells ‘Hijack’ Cells and Spread Around the Body

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US News

Major Update Announced in John Durham Investigation

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Donald Trump

Trump Officially Responds to House Jan. 6 Committee’s Vote to Subpoena Him

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3 of the World’s Tallest Men Ever Recorded Lived in Our Day—And Some Are Still Towering Over Us Today

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Facts Matter

22 Days in Jail for Journalist Who Reported on Anti-Lockdown Protests: Monica Smit | Facts Matter

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How ‘Climate Change’ Is a Lie, Hiding an Agenda for Social Control: Gregory Wrightstone


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Jeffrey A. Tucker
Why Your Mask Came From China
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Aaron Kheriaty
The Quarantine of Healthy Populations
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