Police State/Civil Liberties

The Story of the Century Just Broke (And No One Noticed)

by James Corbett
October 8, 2022

If you’re a good, credulous consumer of the lamestream media, you likely take it as a given that Russian hackers present the greatest danger to the human species in the history of our planet.

Or is that Chinese hackers? Or maybe North Koreans? Meh, whatever. Details, shmetails!

The point is that the threat posed by these shadowy cyber warriors (whoever they may be) is so great that no amount of foaming-at-the-mouth, hyperbolic, end-of-days catastrophism from the TV talking heads and Twittering blue checkmarks and think tanking deep staters is too much.

Yes, the Chinese are infiltrating our corporations’ computer systems in order to steal all of our industrial secrets! How else could you possibly explain the fact that the fearsome Chinese military boasts so much refurbished American technology?

And yes, the Russkies are hacking into the power grid. How else could you possibly explain the fact that power outages are increasingly common in the Western world?

And of course the North Koreans are hacking Hollywood! How else could you possibly explain the absolute dreck that is being pumped down the public’s throat in the name of “entertainment” these days?

In fact, as we dutiful devotees of the digital doyens know all too well by now, it’s even worse than that. These cretinous computer criminals are no longer content merely to hack into our computer mainframes and exfiltrate our precious data. No, in this age of information warfare the wicked warriors of the world wide web are now engaged in psychological operations against us, actively spreading mis-, dis- and mal-information in order to warp our innocent minds with facts that are uncomfortable to the establishment elitists.


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