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America’s Mercenaries in Ukraine

A living document

Two weeks ago (Aug. 26, 2022) media outlets throughout the West released breaking news directly from the Pentagon; At least two American ‘volunteers’ had been killed during a firefight in Ukraine. This report came on the heels of another just weeks earlier by Russian intelligence (FSB) claiming that they had captured an American in combat acting as a mercenary on behalf of the Ukrainian government.

A worrying trend is developing— many of these men appear to be active duty, reserves, or immediately retired U.S. military personnel, and U.S. military officials at the highest levels are announcing their deaths to the media. It’s almost as if our own military was engaged in a ground war with Russia unbeknownst to the rest of the nation and without a formal declaration of war. This is incredibly dangerous territory for the United States to have entered, every American citizen should be terrified that our regime may be inching us ever closer to open war and nuclear conflict with the world’s largest nuclear power.

The following will be a regularly updated list of U.S. citizens known to be present in Ukraine, their status with the U.S. Military, and any relevant personal information related to the individual in question.


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