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Mossad Leaks Oath Keepers Membership, ADL Identifies American Elected Officials, Military And Law Enforcement

Banned Hipster

Do Americans have anything like the ADL? Is there a Christian ADL spying on people and sharing information with the Vatican and sicing the FBI on their political and business opponents?

This is a pretty direct political attack, originating in Israeli intelligence, by the Anti-Defamation League. First, “hackers” called “Distributed Denial of Secrets” “hack” the Oath Keepers mailing list.

The membership information was compiled into a database published by the transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets.

Then the ADL – an Israeli espionage operation targeting Americans – goes through the list and threatens anyone who is a public official, active or retired military or law enforcement.

“Oath Keepers” are typically “racialized as white but not Jewish” and are typically patriotic, the exact group a foreign occupation regime would consider a threat.

The Associated Press Release was written by the ADL working from Israeli intelligence, and their smears about “extremism” are the entire point of the attack. This is a follow up to the active duty purge of the military during the so-called “stand down” two years ago.

Of course Oath Keepers is more or less run by the Feds. It was the Feds running whatever January 6 was.

How is the ADL so powerful? The media publishes anything the ADL says without any alternative opinion at all.


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