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The NATO Sultanate of Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The Proxy Becomes the Master

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

The right of self-determination of the peoples includes the right to a state of their own. However, the foundation of a state does not increase the freedom of a people. The system of the United Nations that is based on nation-states has remained inefficient. Meanwhile, nation-states have become serious obstacles for any social development.

-Abdullah Ocalan

Russia is really out of control lately, throwing its weight around the neighborhood like a suburban bully with a battle tank instead of a John Deere, crushing any blue-haired busybody who dares to eyeball Putin’s azaleas the wrong way, invading sovereign backyards and redrawing the property lines, all to restore the good name of some long dead empire that’s never coming back. The only people worse are those goddamn Chinese commies, building their multicontinental New Silk Road and ethnically cleansing any tribe of inconvenient Muslims who stand in the way of construction.

I mean, who does things like this? Who do these Eurasian barbarians think they are, the United States? Just thank White Jesus that we have the Sacred Knights Templar of Western Neoliberal Civilization to put such autocratic beasts back in their place among the squaller we carefully erected for them with our cannons and opium. America may be an insane fucking murder machine but if there is one thing we won’t put up with its obnoxious upstarts jacking our playbook to set up new empires of their own. NATO is all about preventing this kind of rude dark-skinned revanchism, except when they’re not.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s relatively open dirty little secret. Under his increasingly autocratic rule, Turkey has committed every single crime that Russia and China have been accused of by less than reliable sources and they’ve done it all with American weapons and the official NATO stamp of approval. As we speak, Turkey is engaged both directly and by proxy in the invasion of no fewer than four sovereign nations depending on the given week as well as the subsequent implementation of what could very quickly escalate into two separate concurrent genocides.

Erdogan has been openly proclaiming his intentions to launch a full-blown ground invasion of Kurdish held territory in both Syria and Iraq since earlier this spring and considering that his forces already hold large swaths of this territory after the last three invasions they’ve thrown over the last six years, we have every reason to take him at his word. We also have every reason to believe that the next illegal incursion could be part of a final solution to Turkey’s long lingering Kurdish question.

As punishment for defeating his friends in ISIS and jumpstarting the greatest experiment in modern-day anarchism since Catalonia, Sultan Erdogan has proclaimed his intentions to dig a thirty kilometer deep “buffer zone” into what is currently the autonomous region of Rojava and what is still internationally recognized as Syria where he will use the millions of Arab Syrian refugees he hosts to ethnically cleanse the region of its millions of ethnic Kurds. Erdogan’s multinational jihad against the Kurdish people has already displaced hundreds of thousands, not just from Rojava but the Kurdish region of Iraq as well where just this summer he bombed the tourist village of Perex, killing 9 civilians including two children, one of them a year-old infant.

This isn’t exactly an isolated intervention either. It is part of a rapidly expanding international plan for Erdogan’s Turkey to reestablish the Ottoman Empire and slaughter every man, woman and child who stands in his way. This includes the revival of the Armenian Genocide with help from Erdogan’s Stalinist sock puppet in Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. Together these two Turkic supremacists made the Ottoman great again in 2020 by invading the Armenian autonomous region of Artsakh and emptying it of nearly half of its ancient Christian population.

90,000 of the 150,000 citizens who have occupied those sacred hills centuries before NATO was just a glimmer in Satan’s eye have been forced to flee for their lives from the same armies who buried their ancestors by the millions. This international rampage has also included Erdogan’s drone war in Libya and his increasingly aggressive Blue Homeland Doctrine which has him jockeying with fellow NATO allies like Greece for control of the Mediterranean.

Of course, the United States and NATO are just incredibly concerned about all of this, offering up threats and protests and even a few sanctions but they show their true colors where the rubber meets the road. In spite of Erdogan’s very chic anti-western posturing, his military machine is still largely dependent on Atlantic financing. The United States shills out millions in taxpayer dollars to Turkey every year, nearly every penny of which goes to putting more bullets in Kurdish and Armenian skulls. Joe Biden himself has called for the US to sell the F-16’s he hasn’t already promised to the Azov Battalion to Turkey. This is not how you treat an openly genocidal pariah unless of course that pariah is secretly doing your bidding.

All in all, Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman Reich appears to be a net win for American primacy. We were already finished with the Kurds for another generation and both of Ankara’s appalling interventions in Rojava and Artsakh serve to weaken Iran and Russia’s influence in the region. Turkey has long served a role similar to Saudi Arabia as a conduit of the kind of chaos America can’t afford to be caught stirring up red handed. It was Turkey who helped us provoke the Cuban Missile Crisis by stashing nuclear tipped Jupiter missiles on their soil. It was Turkey who sabotage a neutral Greek democracy by invading and occupying half of Cyprus. And it was Turkey who spearheaded America’s plot to overthrow Putin’s little bro-bro Bashar al-Assad in Syria by arming a jihadist revolt that would quickly mutate into the Islamic State. So, what if Turkey has its own imperial ambitions. After all, that’s how the American Empire got started, isn’t it? While this is true, that’s also how the English Empire ended.


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