Why America Can’t Win World War III

I’m gonna preface this piece with the giant caveat emptor that I am not a military analyst, a geopolitical strategist, a political economist, or even much of an armchair warlord. I know a bit more than the average guy, I think, but there’s a lot of specifics I don’t know. I’m not remotely a subject-matter expert on any of the topics I’m about to touch on, may well get some stuff wrong (in which case please correct me in the comments), and with all of that out of the way:

I just don’t see how the Globalist American Empire can win World War III.

And I’ve got a lot of reasons for thinking that.

The most obvious reason more conventionally minded people would think that there’s no question that America would inevitably win such a conflict is that America is the global hyperpower, with a military budget that dwarfs the combined spending of the rest of the world combined. America’s got, what, a dozen carrier groups? Nuclear submarines that can go around the world twice without surfacing. Boomers (the subs, not the generation) equipped with nuclear warheads that can wipe out entire coastlines in minutes. Bases everywhere, and the ability to project force from all of them. Surveillance satellites covering the globe that can measure your dick size when you’re drunkenly de-beering behind the bar and foolishly think no one is watching. Fleets of Predator drones that can rain Hellfire missiles down from their invisible loiters in the clouds and absolutely ruin your cousin’s wedding day.

Which is all very impressive on the surface. Certainly no one out there wants to pick a fight with that, any more than the Delian League was especially enthusiastic about going to war with the combined might of Asia gathered under Xerxes’ banners. My argument here is not that a direct confrontation between great powers would not result in vast devastation. It undoubtedly would.

My contention is simply that whoever emerges victorious from the radioactive rubble, it will not be Washington.


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