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Oaxaca police accused of assaulting indigenous trans woman

Mexico News Daily

A 24-year-old indigenous trans woman in the coastal region of Oaxaca was teased, harassed and humiliated by members of a local police force, who cut her hair and dressed her as a man while making her do community work filling potholes, outraged activists are contending.

Lizeth, who is of Mixtec origin, was arrested in San Juan Colorado, Jamiltepec, on June 27 and held behind bars for six days, supposedly for a robbery, although media reports are now calling it administrative error because no complaint was ever filed and she was released.

While in custody, “They put me to work, they insulted me, they yelled at me, they made me cry,” Lizeth said.

San Juan Colorado police commander Agustín López and another top municipal official, Agustina Lorenzo, were the ones who ordered the police to cut Lizeth’s hair and dress her in pants and a T-shirt, according to trans activist Humberta Marcelo Vásquez.


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