Gavin Newsom And The Deep State

Banned Hipster

Gavin Newsom started as the mayor of San Francisco, then became Governor of California, and is now running for President. As mayor of San Francisco he took over from the legendary Willie Brown, one of the most colorful politicians of the modern era – and I’m not just saying that because he is Black – with an amazing story that is not just full of scandalous sex and California “Land of Fruits and Nuts” depravity/comedy, but is actually a great introduction to the Deep State, California division.

While Texas always threatens to secede, California already is its own country and the California Democratic party runs the state like the Communist party ran their one-party Soviet satellites during the Cold War. California was taken over via “The Great Replacement” by the Democratic party simply paying Mexicans and other foreigners to start voting for Democrats in elections. It only took 20 years.

So the “Jim Morrison of The Doors was a Spook” narrative is the one with all of the pull because he was a rock star, but the Deep State in California story has even more amazing aspects than that.

And San Francisco is the 1970s was Deep State Spook Central.


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