Extreme Combat Landing Skill – The Sarajevo Approach

On June 11, 2016, during the Bundeswehr’s Open Day at Hohn Air Base in Germany, a Transall C-160 cargo aircraft executed a maneuver that was risky enough under normal circumstances, let alone during wartime. And it was all caught on camera. The Sarajevo approach, otherwise known as combat landing, is a precise maneuver that requires a deep dive into the airstrip and then a bounce back at the last possible moment. All to avoid enemy fire. During the War in Bosnia, relief cargo aircraft from all over Europe were sent to Sarajevo in humanitarian missions, but on September 3, 1992, an Italian aircraft was downed despite its peaceful intentions. A German Transall C-160 was coming right behind, and the German crew now found themselves with a fully-loaded aircraft that had to find a way to land safely. It was almost an impossible situation, forcing them to be more agile than all the warring parties surrounding the ravaged airport…

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