History and Historiography

Clothing: Man’s First Creation

Insights on Tangible Arts, Social Psychology, and Mystic Materiality, Or How Cultural Evolution Determined Our Expressional Identity

Anthropologists affirm that primitive apparel was adorned upon ancient man. Over 5,000 generations back hominids were wearing the skins of their hunted prey. Cro-Magnon not only created astrotheology in their cavernous temples, but through the symbolism of their furs.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” is stated at the beginning of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Clothing conceals the corpus. It is the ever present social veil over our bare bodies. Each character has a costume and every day we pick ours.

Dressing is a dynamically spiritual act. Whether it be rustic rags or regal regalia it portrays our existence, status, uniqueness, purpose, and background. Power, wisdom, love and other self-evident truths are inextricably tied to appearance.

Your ancestors across hundreds of generations of time have meticulously obsessed over their appearance. Textiles have often be relegated to women because they are the intuitive purveyors of the subjective – the ephemeral and illusory vibes of our presentational essence.

Start caring what you look like! Some say that real men don’t care about what they look like. These men ignore the realities of collective hierarchies, accepted norms, and limit the appearance of their masculinity. They forget where they came from.


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