American Decline

Mass Shootings Occur in Contemporary USA Because It is a Rich Third-World Country


Regular readers of my previous blog would be aware that I had written numerous posts on the causes of mass shootings in USA as well as the futility of gun control in this country. While I will repost those articles here in the near future, we keep coming back to the same question- Why are mass shootings and similar incidents of random gun-related violence so common in USA but almost unheard of in other first-world countries? Why is the USA so.. exceptional?

The headline of this post provides a very brief answer. Also, I am not the first to make a connection between changing socio-economic conditions in this country and mass shootings. Over a decade ago, Mark Ames wrote a book on that topic. In it, he makes the case that social atomization and widespread alienation in combination with extreme capitalism, an inadequate social safety net and a social system which takes pride in crapping on its arbitrarily chosen “losers” are the perfect conditions for creating spree killers with nothing left to lose.

One of my posts on the older blog had put forth the idea that post-1980 USA is much closer to a third-world country than most “serious people” are willing to acknowledge. In the remainder of this post, I will show you how USA is a third-world country, in all but name, for its median citizens. But before that, let us briefly talk about what I mean by terms like ‘first-world country’ and ‘third-world country’. While some believe that those labels somehow correlate with median skin color of people residing in those countries, the reality is rather different.


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