American Decline

Why Do Declining Western Countries Worship People with Overt Mental Illness?


Some of you might have noticed an interesting trend, if you can call it that, which has been especially prominent in western countries over the past ten years. To be fair, this trend was becoming increasingly visible since the 1970s, but started becoming a major force in popular culture of western countries over past two decades culminating in its extreme prominence during their ongoing terminal decline. I am, of course, talking about the public worship of overt mental illness and increasing capitulation of public policy to indulge the delusions of mentally ill people. In this post, I will use a few “popular” issues to show you that the terminally declining West spends a lot of its time and energy in indulging the delusions of mentally ill people, and I do not use the term “mentally ill” lightly. We are talking about delusional people with real mental illnesses, rather than someone who is feeling a bit depressed because of some acute loss.

Let us start by talking about the overreaction to COVID-9 pandemic. As many of you now know, there are certain characteristics of that disease which are now impossible to ignore. Firstly, while currently available vaccines can reduce the severity of lower-respiratory and systemic involvement (especially in older people) they do nothing to stop infection or transmission. In spite of this fact becoming very obvious over past few months, a significant percentage of “credentialed” liberal retards keep pretending that COVID-19 vaccines are some magic bullet which can stop both infection and transmission. But it gets better.. these same retards also keep pretending that face masks can stop COVID-19 transmission, when large-scale observational evidence suggests that even N95 masks don’t stop transmission under conditions of normal use.


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