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Some Thoughts on How Mass Shootings have Become Normalized in USA


Over the past two decades, occasional and sensational mass shootings have become a familiar part of the American social and media landscape. While countries with much stricter gun laws and lower rates of firearm ownership, such as Brazil or Mexico, often have far higher rates of ‘homicide by guns’ than USA- mass shootings in USA out for a very peculiar reason. See.. in almost every other countries, the person who commits homicide almost always knows the person or people being targeted. In contrast, mass shooters in this country seldom know their victims beforehand. In other words, there is often no previous connection between the killer and his victims. And the shooter is almost always a man who is usually white and between 16-50 yrs of age.

As many of you might have heard by now, a few days ago another mass shooter went on a shooting spree in a school in Uvalde, Texas and killed 22 people and injured about 17 more. The shooter, Salvador Ramos, was 18yrs old and from the same city and we still do not know the precise reason he decided to shoot up a school. About ten days before the Texas school shooting, another 18 year old named Payton Gendron, shot up a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. In contrast to the Texas school shooter, this guy wrote up a manifesto which suspiciously sounds like something ghostwritten by the FBI. However, as you will soon see, all of the reasons given by mass shooters to explain their actions are far less relevant than what MSM pressitutes like to pretend.


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