Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

The Eurasian Road to American Panarchy and the Agorist Path to Cold War Salvation

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

“Morally, it is wrong to suppose the source of evil is outside oneself, that one is a vessel of holiness running over with virtue. Such a disposition is the best soil for a hateful and cruel fanaticism.”

-Nikolai Berdyaev, The End of Our Time

It could have been a beautiful nightmare. The most terrifyingly colossal empire in human history done in not by another rival empire but by another rival century. After the long bloody American Century, a century defined by world wars, cold wars, forever wars, and the constant looming threat of nuclear war and after centuries of unipolar white Anglo-Saxon global supremacy, the Eurasian Century was going to be different. A multipolar order of the yellow people we raped in the South and their pale faced cousins who we’ve long manipulated into submission in the West. An unlikely partnership of the formerly colonized and former colonizers that remained too diverse to form a singular empire but too vital for the current empire to suppress indefinitely, no matter how many stupid fucking color wars and humanitarian interventions they chucked at it.

The combination of East Asia’s booming vibrant young population and Germany’s access to the levers of institutionalized power was at once too obvious for America to prevent and too lethal for America to survive. NATO would have to collapse, the dollar would have to crash, and Atlantic primacy would suffer a fate worse than death. It would simply cease to be relevant on the world stage and the illusions of its omnipotence would shatter both at home and abroad. Riots would rage, Wall Street would burn, neocons would eat their pearl handled pistols, and Americans would be forced to deal with the commercial emptiness that dominates our shallow existence and the newly castrated mandarins who made it all possible. Babylon would finally crumble into anarchy, and it would have been bloody fantastic. It could have been a beautiful nightmare, but Vladimir Putin had to go and fuck it all up.

That pig-headed czarist pretender gave the American Century everything it needed for a stay of execution by walking directly into an obvious NATO trap in Ukraine. By launching a great big American style invasion of a darling Western quisling with all the carpet bombing, massacres, and war crimes that come with it, Putin has essentially financed an enormous flaming infomercial for the continued necessity of Atlantic supremacy in the face of evil Eurasian barbarians like him, and NATO colonized Europe is fucking buying it. Doubling down on the crumbling imperial institutions that have kept them from fully realizing their true economic potential for decades of globalist austerity. Meanwhile, the Military Industrial Complex is flush with blood money, selling death to Ukraine faster than the bodies can drop and NATO troop levels have exploded ten-fold from 4,000 to 40,000 and growing in just months as Europe has once again become a three-ring circus of apocalyptic cold war hysteria and the mind-numbing jingoism and casual racism that that brand of madness invites through the front door like a vampire.

Oh, it won’t last. In fact, it’s already showing signs of cracking. In many ways, this mess has brought Russia and China closer together than they’ve been since Stalin croaked and together, they are more than self-sufficient enough to weather the storm and give the West holy hell for bringing it. But divorced from the European end of the World Island, they are only strong enough to compete with the Atlantic Empire and not strong enough to eclipse it peacefully. This leaves us in a ditch with another goddamn cold war and this leaves those sharply dressed savages on Wall Street and Downing Street with just enough time to blow up the world with another sick game of thermo-nuclear chicken on Russia’s borders. And you better believe that those motherfuckers won’t hesitate to hit that big red button any more than Putin will.

That’s because the Western elites sense their power waning, and that narcotic level of power makes even the most intelligent people crazy enough to do unspeakably stupid things to hold on to it for just one more fix. All Russia had to do was wait it out and call their war junkie bluff. Ukraine was never going to become anything more than a glorified NATO arms depot and Germany’s impatience with the entire fiasco was becoming thick enough to cut with a halberd. Zelensky’s numbers were in the shitter and the entire Western backed plutocracy in Kiev was set to collapse like a deck of cards at any minute. But never underestimate the ability for a state to fuck up a sure thing.

Vladimir Putin is usually a pretty sharp monster. He saw the endless possibilities that a Eurasian Century had to offer and got on board early with revolutionary conglomerations like BRICS and the Eurasian Economic Union, but that cocky strongman and his entourage of Kremlin ghouls began counting their chickens before they hatched. They became greedy and convinced that Eurasia was a one-way ticket to a new Russian Empire. Thus, we end up with the ideological perversion known as Neo-Eurasianism. Developed by an enigmatic and influential neo-fascist gadfly named Alexander Dugin, Neo-Eurasianism swipes its name from Eurasianism, a political movement that came out of the post-Bolshevik Russian exile community which suggested that Russian civilization was neither European nor Asian, but rather something totally unique and thus destined to greatness should it embrace its natural place in the world.

But Dugin’s comprehension of this ideology ends here. The original Eurasian Movement was an early experiment in post-colonialism that rejected Western universalism in favor of a world united by diversity. They also boldly rejected the Czarist elite for its fetishization of Romano-Germanic culture that led to its reckless romance with imperialism. Much like Yukio Mishima and Oswald Spengler, the original Eurasianists were conservative revolutionaries who astutely saw imperialism as a perversion alien to their national culture that would only invite the ravages of what we now understand as globalism.


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