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Dinesh D’Souza PICKS FIGHTS With Tucker Carlson

The number of people who believe the movie is truly sad. It shows how few critical thinking skills they have. Many ask questions that should lead them to realize it’s crap but they just can’t seem to connect it or don’t want to.

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  1. I find it easy to accept these ‘opniniated’ people in lockstep talking against Trump,,,, however , not acceptable to giving them much credence – considering these same groups have done every trick possible to put Pres. Trump ANY where they can – to get him out of reach ‘n availability of ‘the people’ who know he is the only person capable (‘n willing) to do what has to be done to save our Constitution ‘n our Country,,, I don’t worry about his language-I just want the Job done ‘n he’s the. MAN! God help him!

  2. Does Kyle still believe in Russiagate? I honestly don’t know, but wouldn’t be the slightest surprised.

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