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  1. > Even the Zionists and Wahhabis bailed

    It must have been the Obama administration – maybe during the appointment of Chuck Hagel – when Democrats finally found the cojones to say “Israel” but they always quickly followed it up with “and Saudi Arabia too! I’m not an anti-semite please don’t cancel me ADL!”

    Jews in America must always be portrayed as powerless victims besieged by fly-over American “goyim” one goose-step away from Hitler, oy vey!

    Israel – via Jews in America – has far more influence over America than the gas station employees in Saudi Arabia.

    “… and Saudi Arabia” has become the new “I’m not racist, but …”

    “I’m not racist but … here’s something true but unflattering about black people …”

    “Israel … and Saudi Arabia too, so I’m not an anti-semite Hitler! … etc.”

    I swear it has been one of the most interesting things to observe since the Obama administration.

    Of course, Donald Trump’s “Russia ties” were actually ties to Russian Jews, via Chabad and Jewish oligarchs, who are all partisans of the Israeli Likud party – to include Donald Trump’s own flesh and blood family like his Israeli grandchildren.

    … uh, and Saudi Arabia too!

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