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Russia’s Military Strategy, and the Afya Foundation

by Peter Zeihan on May 3, 2022
The Russian military has abandoned any hope of local Ukrainians viewing them as welcome liberators or Slavic cousins. And so too has the Russian military abandoned any pretense of trying to limit civilian casualties. Russian military strategy in Ukraine–decried early on as a logistical quagmire and proof of Moscow’s status as a paper tiger–created one set of lessons for the Americans and other backers of Ukraine’s army (something we’ve touched on here).

But the changing strategic landscape has created another set of lessons for Russia’s military itself. Moscow is now moving decidedly toward eliminating civilian infrastructure and, increasingly, civilians themselves. As of writing, nearly half of Ukraine’s population are now refugees, internally displaced, or trapped in place under active fire. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has quickly become the largest mass refugee event in human history.

To that end, we would like to both remind our followers that we are working to bring attention to aid groups like the Afya Foundation, as well as thank all of your for the incredible generosity and commitment you have already shown. The Afya Foundation works to deliver donated medical supplies from the United States directly to refugees in and around the Ukrainian conflict. As the Russian military continues to escalate its targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure, Afya is working with medics and other volunteers to deliver necessary medical supplies within Ukraine.

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